We would like to keep our image as a company being associated with skills and professionalism. We carefully select and monitor our suppliers. Manufacture of molded parts is subjected to quality control at each stage.

    1. Milling machines: HAAS VF3, 20HP, 2 speed gear driven, 40”x 17”x 20”(XYZ), 4th axes ready. HAAS MINI MILL, 16” x 12” x 10”(XYZ), 4th axes ready HAAS VF-4 50"x 20"x 25" 4th axes ready. HAAS Rotary tables 8"

    2.Lathe machines: 2 HAAS SL20, 10”x 20”(XZ), brush less magazine bar feeder, fully programmable hydraulic tail stock. HAAS SL10, 11”x 14” (XZ) , fully programmable hydraulic tail stock. Max. speed up to 6000 rpm. HAAS T-l Toolroom lathe.

    DOOSAN PUMA 2600 Y 18"x 30" with live tooling, DOOSAN LYNX 10"x 20" with live tooling.

    For materials with a diameter of 1 to 28mm use a special grip system with interchangeable sleeves from system 5c by ROYAL company. Materials with a diameter to 51mm, are kept with the S-20 handle and interchangeable inserts made by HARDINGE Inc. company. Use of high technology ensures excellent alignment, stability and reproducibility of turned parts, which in turn gives you the highest quality product.

    The use of modern technology of keeping the material, allows the company to minimize the time of process by turning at the highest speeds while maintaining security while isolating detail.

    ...production is not art piece, the trick is doing it according to the technical documentation ...
    ...way of measuring and the quality of measurement tools, provide our products a precise dimensioning

    The company's goal is to support the client to achieve maximum benefit from the delivery of our products of the highest quality.